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MAHAN Tech Industrial Group has been working on new mechanical installations and safety equipment since 2009. As the formal representative of UNIGAS and FRS, the expert companies in safety equipment, and AYDIN GROUP HOLDING which consists of UNITES, AYDIN BORU, SAYTEK and AYDIN GLOBAL companies as powerful manufacturers and suppliers of fire extinguishing equipment, pipe and fittings, Tekin Gas Industrial Group attempts to import the latest products and respective technology into Iran and update the technical knowledge of our country.

Aydin Global entered the iron and steel sector in Turkey in August 2013.

The country has begun its dominance with the PAG cast iron pipe brand in 2015 and with European competitors. AYDIN ​​GLOBAL With its gray cast iron pipes and fittings in its warehouses in Tuzla, AYDIN ​​GLOBAL transferred 8 years of experience to its area of ​​experience in the PAG brand of cast iron pipes. We are committed to the diameters of pipes from DN50 to DN300, cast iron bends, cast iron castings, cast iron castings, cast iron reducers, cast iron hollow parts are available at our mechanical installers' workplaces. Unlike its competitors, the company aims to maintain quality with connectors manufactured in Europe only. The Christmas necks iron piping system has been replaced by a hub drainage pipe since 1982. It meets the challenging demands of our quality of life. The age and hardware of modern technical building meet significant safety requirements such as fire protection, silence-like comfort requirements, and environmental friendliness with its 100% recycling features.

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