EN 877 I  This standard covers mechanical specifications, materials, dimensions and tolerances, composition and coating requirements for the pipes, fittings and couplings. Furthermore, requirements of DIN 19522 and ISO 6594 were exceeded with this standard.

CE I  This standard is required for certifying compliance of the product with free trade under EU. Implementation of CE mark is subject to a declaration of performance (DOP). CE mark is not based on third party quality tests. Only flammability test is enough. Manufacturer certifies that the product is in compliance with CE.

EN1561 I  Standard for the products made of cast iron with lamellar graphite.

EN 14366 I  Standard for measuring the level of noise in wastewater installations (German National Standard: DIN 4109)

EN 1610 I  Standard for the tests and construction of Contaminated water channels and drain systems.

EN 12056 I  This standard includes design and calculation of in-building gravity wastewater drainage systems. It further covers; • General and performance requirements • Roof drainage plan and calculation • Planning and calculation of wastewater lifting plants • Instructions for installation, test, operation, maintenance and usage.

EN 752 I  Standard for outdoor rainwater and wastewater drainage systems.

Moreover, PAG SML piping systems are in compliance with any applicable local, European and International standards