A reddish brown, minimum 40 µm, acrylic paint is applied from the exterior surface of PAG SML pipes in compliance with EN877 standard  PAG


As for the interior surface of the pipes, a binary component special epoxy resin with a thickness of 130µm on average is sprayed these parts. 

As to fittings, a special epoxy paint with a surface thickness of 70 µm on average is applied. The paint is applied via dipping method and it is extremely long lasting and compatible with pipe coating. Fittings are oven dried approximately for 45 minutes at 180 °C after painting. In this way; an extremely strong connection is ensured between casting element and coating and there occurs a thermal and chemical resistance beyond the values anticipated in EN877.


PAG SML pipe and fittings are branded through an informative marking that shows manufacture of the product retrospectively and the branding standard gives information about the quality of the product. Cast-iron pipe and fittings are branded during the production in accordance with BS EN877 European Standard as is seen below.