PAG –lamellar graphite cast iron drainage pipes and fittings are preferred since it prevents fire transfer as a fundamental need for the buildings and minimized the noise level of the wastewater lines in the buildings, in addition to its useful life equal to the life of the buildings.

PAG cast iron drainage pipes are started to be preferred more as compared to PVC pipes due to its positive features such easy mounting, fire-proofing and silence, after establishment of new system in Europe with connection clamp as per EN877.

Fire protection class of PAG cast iron drainage pipes and fittings is determined by TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) as A2-d0-S1. As per the fire regulations, the only wastewater pipe which may be used without any fire clamp is cast iron pipe. When PVC is used in the projects, significant risk is assumed and it is compulsory to use fire clamps being supplied at very high costs.

PAG cast iron  drainage pipes meet all quality requirements in the industry with ISO9001-14001-18001 quality certificates; EN877 Compliance certificate, CE Certificate and MPA approval.

PAG cast iron pipe and fittings provide long time standing against corrosion due to interior and exterior epoxy coating as per the applicable standards.

PAG cast iron pipe connection couplings are leakage-proof completely thanks to its MPA approved EPDM seal, and prevent leakage of the odors outside 100%.

PAG cast iron pipe and fittings are currently used in many prestigious projects in Turkey.

PAG brand named after the first letters of the name of the firm “Pik Aydın Global” is registered in more than 40 countries including European Union.

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